01 Jul 2009

Girl, hit on me!

Gul sits on my red couch and boldly declares, she wants to go where most straight women have never been before. Into a sexual relationship with another woman. It isn’t just for shock value (although to be shocking has it’s on thrills), she’s thought it out. Most men are genetically wired to find women attractive and to chase after us. As flattering as that can be on a fat bad hair day (because they really don’t notice and are totally unfazed by cellulite) it’s something we’ve come to expect and therefore ignore. But a woman, who has such a critical eye and cringes at the lone straggly hair on your long overdue upper lip, finding you attractive is a whole other ball game – minus the balls, of course.

Hmm, lesbianism? My girlfriends are my soul mates and the kind of intimacy I share with them, my lover and I can only dream of. If there is a crisis in my life – the coveted contract I was about to sign miraculously vanishes into thin air or, the fight with my mother that started with not combing my hair for a TV interview and ended up as a huge emotional saga covering at least 30 years of my existence or even, the graphically minute details of why sex is not sexy at the moment – it’s my girls I run to. An emergency meeting is called, we leave work in the middle of the afternoon to lie in bed side by side till we push the dark clouds away. Can you see this happening with a man- a heterosexual man?

Ok, forget the deeper connection – who knows a woman’s body better than a woman. Imagine, no more lying there and strategically willing him to move his finger a little bit higher or lower or to the right, knowing that he’s going to miss anyway. She, would hit bulls eye every time. My life would be so sorted but as beautiful as they are, I’m just not attracted to women. Damn!