09 Aug 2009

Girlfriend power

‘I bond better with boys’ . ‘Girls don’t seem to like me’. ‘I don’t have any girlfriends’. When I hear girls say things like this (living in Bollywood, you hear it all the time), my heart goes out to them. You poor little darlings, you have no idea the world you are excluding yourself from. There is nothing more joyous in the world, not even a ménage à trois with Johnny Depp and Gael Garcia Bernal (ok, I exaggerate), than bonding with your girlfriends.

I think girls who don’t and wont connect, mistrust and feel threatened. Now, you can only feel threatened if you are insecure. But sadly it’s a chicken and egg situation. If you hang out with girls and genuinely share, you tap into girlfriend power. As complex as we may be, we’re sculpted from the same mould. So by bonding the energy and support of more than half of the human race is unleashed.

Girlfriend power rocks. Sal and Zo, are the turbo powered engine beneath my wings. They are the ones who don’t just patiently listen to every microscopic detail about how the Latino bongo player at Zenzi smiled at me, but they sit for hours enthusiastically dissecting what that smile could mean. With them it’s not some idiotic duty of friendship they are fulfilling, they’re loving and lapping up every juicy tit bit because that’s what girls do. Do you know what else they do? Girlfriends shout at you for making a drunken ass of yourself because of the ex – who broke your hearts into a guzzilion pieces and make you vow, on your favourite pair of Jimmy Choos (or Aldos, if you must) that you’ll never do it again. Which of course, you do the very next Saturday. But they don’t judge you, they just pass you a clean tissue to blow your nose.