My Films

Everybody says ‘I’m fine’ - my first film, was a first for a lot of us involved. We were all so purely immersed in it. A ‘crossover/ festival’ film long before anyone understood that kind...

Couch and I

On the couch I cut through the drama to celebrate the person behind the persona. Ironically, revealing the true them helped me find the true me and my calling.

In Japan with Koel

This is my jammy job – a video series made by Japan National Tourism Organization. Robots, Shinkansen, skiing, soup curry, Zen temples, open-air art, meditation nightlife and me. Enjoy!

Talking Nonsense

Energy of a hyper active prepubescent boy coupled with insomniac ants in my pants has meant that I’ve had my fingers and face in a lot of screen pies, doing a lot of this and a lot of that.

Now or Never: Half-timers guide to Maximizing

Coming soon. YouTube series on maximizing your time on Earth.