03 Jan 2008

To be(d) or not to be(d)

It’s an age old question. How soon is it ok to bed the man you’re dating? Presuming you are not one of those who needs mummy’s permission or are still pretending to play the virginal card (if you are then please go read ‘Pleasures of being an obedient house wife part 1’, it’s delightful reading.) We didn’t become the 2nd most populated country by not having sex. Even the government has given it’s whole hearted approval for bedding your man and ensuring you walk away with the house, the bank account et al. What else is the ‘living- in’ law all about, if not sanctioning pre- marital sex? So what is it that still makes us girls ponder and hesitate?

Of course, physically we have more at stake because without external aide, nature allows the man to walk away scot free, leaving the woman to deal with the not always welcome repercussions. But we’re not living in the stone age and we have aide, all sorts of aide – condoms, pills, injections, diaphragms, IUDs and new stuff that’s being invented every day exactly for this purpose, so we too can enjoy consequence free sex. Yet, for reasons beyond my understanding, we can’t bed a man like a man.

Perhaps, we’re emotionally tied to the act in a way that the man never could be. For him, no matter where or who he engages in sex with, he is guaranteed personal gratification nine in a half times out of ten. For us, it has to be the right time, place, mood, temperature or the right amount of intoxication… (I purposely left out the right man, because please let’s not give them more importance than they already have) and then may be, luck upon luck, we might have the elusive big O. That must be it. Being the cleverer sex, we don’t give into our desire unless it’s worth it and guarantees full satisfaction or money back.